Stapleton All Sports is located in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, CO.
We are a community focused youth sports program intent on providing children in the area additional opportunities for skill development.


My 6-year old son participated in T-ball/baseball last Spring. He has such a great time and looked forward to practice every Tuesday and Thursday evening. This was his first exposure to baseball and it was a very positive experience. The focus of this program was on developing skills and understanding the game. Coach Gabe created a fun, low-pressure environment where each player got equal playing time. Practice was held at my son's elementary school in Stapleton - this was a bonus and very much appreciated as a working mom. The highlight of the season for my son was walking around Coors Field with his team before one of the Rockies home games. He will be back next year for baseball and hopefully the winter basketball program.
I picked up my son on the first day of camp and before I could even ask how it went he gave me the biggest hug and said "Thank you so much mommy for signing me up for this camp, I had such a great day." Well as a mom, an unsolicited thank you like that is worth every penny spent. He loved the exposure to all of the different sports and the great coaches. Thank you for a great week, we will be sure to sign up again next summer. -Amy
Basketball has become our son's favorite sport thanks to Gabe and his Stapleton All Sports. He's played two seasons and has learned an incredible amount and really enjoys playing in the league. Gabe does a great job and even sets up a tournament at the end of the season which the kids love. We highly recommend Gabe and his program for all sports!
From the football program to the soccer to the early ball skills, I cannot say enough about the positive effect that SAS has had on my three boys (ages 2-7). Coach Gabe and his team achieve just the right balance of fun, discipline and skills. I�d recommend these programs to anyone. -Tamara
My son Garrett, at age 3, was nervous in group settings, and hadn't shown a strong interest in sports. His preschool teacher had pointed out that his gross and fine motor skills were delayed. I was concerned that a team sport might damage his self confidence, but I wanted to improve his motor skills. Early ball skills not only improved his motor skills, but also his confidence! Coach Gabe is a remarkable role model for the kids - he has an unbelievable dedication to what he does and charisma that inspires all his little players! It would surprise me every week when he had about 15 little 2 and 3 year olds enthusiastically running bases or kicking goals. Garrett looked forward to every practice, and wanted to tell Gabe every time he ate vegetables or exercised! I have never seen a coach that has a better rapport or is more inspiring to preschool age children. I would refer all children, regardless of ability or initial interest in sports to Stapleton All Sports. - Kristen
"Stapleton All Sports camp was great for my 5 year old son. The coaches did a tremendous job teaching the basics of many sports while making it fun. When camp ended my son asked to do it again...A true testament to the program!" - Stephanie
"Our son has been in a couple of sports programs and camps before, but has never enjoyed anything as much as the summer mini-sports camp. He was excited everyday and could not stop talking about all the fun he had. He loved all the sports, the staff, and being with his friends. Thank you for showing him how much fun team sports are. You have not only given him a new interest in sports, but a positive outlook on trying new things. For that, I am eternally grateful. We will definitely be signing up again and will see you in the Fall." - Lacy
"I have seen my son gain so much self confidence from participating in the Winter basketball camp and Spring T-ball. We'll definitely be signing up for a Fall program. Thank you for all of your hard work!" - Lauri
"My son and daughter had a blast at the summer Stapleton All Sports Camp! The coaches were a perfect balance of fun and instructional. My kids loved the variety of sports and gained skills and confidence at the camp. We plan to sign up for future camps with Coach Gabe." - Amy
"Stapleton All Sports ran an excellent basketball program, and I was surprised it was their first year! The coaches ran it smoothly, as though they've been doing it for years. In the past we've had our kids in a few sports programs through our neighborhood rec center. It wasn't always a very good experience for them, so we were extremely happy the boys had a great time in Stapleton All Sports and know it will instill true enjoyment of the sport for them." - Babette
"Jacob, my five year old son, had an amazing time at T-Ball camp. He had no experience with T-Ball when he started. He not only had a great time during the week long camp, but was confident in his abilities by the end. And what is truly a tribute to Coach Gabe, he cannot wait for soccer camp to start. I would highly recommend Stapleton All Sports for kids of all ages and abilities!" - Sarah
"Stapleton All Sports has been a great experience for my 6 year old son. I have noticed a considerable improvement in his athletic skills. The coaches energy is great and my son just loves going! In fact, he cannot wait until the next session starts. I would highly recommend this program." -Amanda
"Stapleton All Sports has been a wonderful program and we are very impressed with the organization and quality." -Mary
"Our son loved his t-ball experience and we loved how Coach Gabe had fun with the sport...right down to the end-of-session water balloon fight! The program was organized and did a great job of teaching kills AND having fun. We've tried a number of different sport programs; Stapleton All Sports has been our favorite by far!" -Amy
�My 5 year old son had never made a basket when we signed him up for Stapleton All Sports Basketball, Winter 2010/2011 session. By the end of the program he was out practicing in our alley and I watched as he made 30+ overhand baskets in one hour! He was thrilled and now likes what was previously a very daunting sport to him! Thanks Gabe and the team at Stapleton All Sports! We�ll be signing up for T-ball next!� -Holly
“Our 7 year old boy loved his first week at Stapleton All Sports' Multi-sports camp! He was always full of energy after playing 4 different sports each morning and was excited to tell me what he'd learned. I also appreciate that the coaching staff made learning new sports skills a fun and positive experience for all the kids, including throwing water balloons at the coaches on the very last day of camp!” - Kathy
“I can't say enough about Stapleton All Sports, Gabe and his coaching staff. The program is incredibly well run and in constant communication with the parents. My 2, 5 year olds have an absolute blast at each practice and literally cry when it is cancelled due to weather. I have seen significant growth in their baseball skills over two years in the program, it has been a joy to watch them develop and learn the valuable lessons that team sports provide. All while having fun!” - Michael
Stapleton All Sports is interested in attracting energetic, athletic coaches to work with kids ages 4-10. If interested in applying, contact