Stapleton All Sports is located in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, CO.
We are a community focused youth sports program intent on providing children in the area additional opportunities for skill development.

2014 League Flag Football Standings and Schedule










All games will be held at Central Park at 5PM

September 22nd
Field One: Colts @ Packers
Field Two: Giants @ Broncos

September 29th
Field One: Broncos @ Colts
Field Two: Packers @ Giants

October 6th
Field One: Giants @ Colts
Field Two: Broncos @ Packers

October 13st
Field One: Packers @ Colts
Field Two: Broncos @ Giants

First Round Playoffs
October 23rd (Thursday):

Field One: Broncos @ Giants
Field Two: Packers @ Colts

Placing Games
October 27th:

Field One: Consolation: Losers of October 23rd games
Field Two: Championship: Winners of October 23rd games





 Coach Rick

 Coach Bobby

 Coach Gabe

 Coach Scott

 Noel Marquez

 Charles Evans

 Dean Stickel

 Riley Olson

 Mateo Ruby

 Alexander Hogrewe

 Cyrus Muhaisen

 Noel Wopschall

 Anderson Black

 Ethan Callaway

 Ryder Hale

 Elliot Dale

 Landon Sulser

 Levi Callaway

 Jace Bailey

 Kevin Olson

 Parker Bazaz

 Samuel Pozzetta

 Vail Levinson

 KJ McCue

 Rocky Wilcox

 Will Gardner

 Jake Lawson

 Jonathan Wopschall

 Jackson Leach

 Tristan Workman

 Jackson Briggs

 Jack Holynski

 Star Marquez

 Dirk Morley

 Eli Jackson

 Tyson Jewett