Stapleton All Sports is located in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, CO.
We are a community focused youth sports program intent on providing children in the area additional opportunities for skill development.

2015 Lil Bombers Baseball Standings and Schedule

























All games will be held at McNichols Park (1700 N. Rosemary St., 80220) Coaches will be responsible for scheduling weekly practices by contacting parents directly and finding best times to accommodate players.

April 13th
4:30: Cardinals @ Tigers
4:30: A's @ Pirates
5:40: Cubs @ Rockies
5:40: Mets @ Cardinals

April 20th
4:30: Rockies @ Mets
4:30: Pirates @ Cubs
5:40: Cubs @ Tigers
5:40: A's @ Cardinals

May 4th
4:30: Mets @ Cubs
4:30: Cardinals @ Rockies

May 7th
4:30: Rockies @ Pirates
5:40: Pirates @ Mets
5:40: Tigers @ A's

May 11th
4:30: Tigers @ Rockies
4:30: Cubs @ A's
5:40: Pirates @ Cardinals
5:40: Mets @ Tigers

May 14th
4:30: Rockies @ A's
4:30: Cardinals @ Cubs
5:40: A's @ Mets
5:40: Tigers @ Pirates

May 18th
4:30: Game One: #2 Cardinals vs #7 A's at McNichols
4:30: Game Two: #3 Cubs vs #6 Rockies at Isabella Bird
5:40: Game Three: #4 Tigers vs #5 Pirates at Isabella Bird
#The Mets do not have a game

*Wednesday, 5/27th
:30: Game Four: #L1 vs #L2 at Isabella Bird (loser eliminated from playoffs)
5:40: Game Five: #1 vs W3 at Isabella Bird
4:30: Game Six: W1 vs W2 at McNichols

Thursday, 5/28th
4:30: Game Seven: L3 vs L6 at McNichols (loser eliminated)
4:30: Game Eight: W4 vs L5 at McNichols (loser eliminated)
5:40: Game Nine: W7 vs W8 at McNichols (loser is 4th place)
5:40: Game Ten: W5 vs W6 at Isabella Bird

*Monday, 6/1
4:30: Game Eleven: W9 vs L10 (loser is 3rd place) at Isabella Bird
*5:40: Game Twelve (Championship): W11 vs W10 at Isabella Bird






 Connor Searfoorce

 Jonas White

 Henry Krieger

 Daniel Westergren

Oliver Guyor

BBenjamin Miller

Landon Sulser

Evan Roberts

Riley Nowell

Ethan Callaway

Alex Flocken

NIan Murer

Brady Petterson

Levi Callaway

Caden Gard

Madison Murer

Jonas Nutter

Patrick Easterly

Zander Eliason

Wes Roberts

Daniel Johnson

Riley Olson

Isaac Cornell

Aiden Valentine

Calvin Georgeson

Kevin Olson

Alex Holland

Jonathan Valentine

Charlie Gehde

Max Johnson

Tomas Spilsted

Preston Valentine

Dirk Morley


Miles Lutter

Kate Krakowiecki

Benjamin Pardington

Aidan Holland

Rees Haight

Luke Alonso




Liam Sullivan

Will Gardner

Samuel Pozzetta

Eli Jackson

Cai McLaughlin

Jackson Briggs

Aidan Sullivan

Lorenzo Vannoni

Parker Kraft

Noah Rafferty

Miles Miller

Austin Kraft

Finn Peterson

Anderson Black

Micah Davison-Tracy

Gavin Gruenwald

Cassidy Georgeson

Nash Cleveland

Asa Rafferty

Grady Harden

Santiago Gonzalez

Atticus Wainman

Daniel Herrera

Rocco Biviano

Luz O'Leary

Liam Jarvis

Jake Lawson

KJ McHugh

Brody Saltzer

Eli Bayer

Oscar Peterson