Stapleton All Sports is located in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, CO.
We are a community focused youth sports program intent on providing children in the area additional opportunities for skill development.

2013 League Basketball Standings and Schedule













All games will be held at McNichols Park (1700 N. Rosemary St., 80220) Coaches will be responsible for scheduling weekly practices by contacting parents directly and finding best times to accommodate players.

April 14
4:30: Cardinals @ Rockies
4:30: Mets @ Cubs
5:40: Tigers @ Royals
5:40: Rockies @ Pirates

April 21
4:30: Cardinals @ Tigers
4:30: Royals @ Pirates
5:40: Cubs @ Rockies
5:40: Mets @ Cardinals

April 28
4:30: Rockies @ Mets
4:30: Pirates @ Cubs
5:40: Cubs @ Tigers
5:40: Royals @ Cardinals

May 5
4:30: Rockies @ Royals
4:30: Cardinals @ Cubs
5:40: Royals @ Mets
5:40: Tigers @ Pirates

May 12
4:30: Tigers @ Rockies
4:30: Cubs @ Royals
5:40: Pirates @ Cardinals
5:40: Mets @ Tigers

**We will do our best to find a time/location for Pirates @ Mets Game

May 19
4:30: Game 1: TBD
4:30: Game 2: TBD
5:40: Game 3: TBD
5:40: Game 4: TBD

May 29
4:30: Game 5: TBD
4:30: Game 6: TBD
5:40: Game 7: TBD
5:40: Game 8: TBD

June 2
Placing Games
4:30: 5th Place: TBD
4:30: 3rd Place: TBD
5:40: Championship: TBD






 Coach Andy

 Coach Paul

 Coach Eric

 Alex Holland

 Elliot Dale

 Evan Roberts

 Asst. Coach Jim

 Alex Perkins

 Gen Rothberg

 Grant Thornham

 Anderson Black

 Attison Morris-Frendle

 Harrison Dority

 Henry Johnston

 Brady Petterson

 Charlie Hayes

 Isaac Konieczny

 Lincoln Anolin

 Caleb Davies

 Cooper Kleinschmidt

 Luca Milici

 Lorenzo Vannoni

 Carvin Tougaw

 Griffin Kleinschmidt

 Luke DeLongchamps

 Noah Rafferty

 Jake Salz

 Jack Sheehan

 Miles Milici

 Robert Codron

 Liam Jarvis

 Matthew Kwong

 Miles Miller

 Sam Francis IV

 Rocco Biviano

 Remy-Santana Robinson-Wallace

 Shane Larkin

 Thayden Davis

 Ryan Diamond

 Will Perkins

 Wesley Miller

 Vincent Stephenson

 Tristan Workman

 Ian Kleinschmidt

 Will Gardner




 Coach Aaron

 Coach Gabe

 Adler Hickey

 Asst. Coach Peter

 Henry Krieger

 Aiden Valentine

 Asher Eliason

 Dylan Frechette

 Cai McLaughlin

 Caden Gard

 Eli Bayer

 Ian Porter

 Connor Searfoorce

 Jace Bailey

 Jonathan Valentine

 Nate Martin

 Jackson Briggs

 Jonathan Wopschall

 William Searfoorce

 Jake Lawson

 Josiah Hernandez

 Daniele Johnson

 Kevin Olson

 Maddox Keuler

 Dylan Reed

 Mack Corpas

 Max Loya

 Landon Sulser

 Riley Olson

 Noel Wopschall

 Nathaniel Gray

 Ryder Hale

 Riley Nowell

 Yabsera Barr